A very long time ago, I was a Windows user. I didn’t know any better. I even used Android. Those environments never sat well with me. Eventually, I “upgraded” into the Apple ecosystem, which although cohesive—as in, things just works—was too insular.

The Microsoft, Apple, and Google triumvirate is not one that I’m fond of. Three times already, I tried to crossover into the Linux world. Three times I was thwarted by my own inexperience and incompetence. Yet, over and over, I keep getting drawn to this world of endless customizations, freedom of choice, and extreme responsibility.

This year marks the fourth time I’m giving Linux a try. However, unlike before, I’m going to learn the way of the land before jumping in the middle of the battle. Since last year, I’ve already started making changes to my workflows by learning (some) Vim, Bash, and being comfortable working in the terminal. I’ll document my progress on the blog as well as on my repo.