After trying to figure out to make Vim, Python, Zsh, and Tmux play along for the second time in a couple of years, I came to the conclusion(s) that:

  • spending hours on end reading docs for things that other tools offer at a much lower barrier to entry is not worth it.
  • losing your temper over even the smallest of battles (e.g how to change colors in Tmux, or configuring setup files) is a waste of energy.
  • the sheer amount of utter garbage “advice” on the Internet about setting up these tools is staggering and infuriating.

Things that should, theoretically, be early victories turn into insurmountable hurdles immediately. A bunch of surprisingly difficult things I encountered are:

  • getting Vim to recognize your virtual environments (venv or pipenv).
  • changing the color scheme of the Tmux status bar.
  • adding autocompletion, linters, sorting imports, and other functionalities for Python on Vim.