My name is Will. This is my site, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

I make my living as an analyst. On this site you can find articles related to programming, investing, business, analytics, and mathematics. You may pick topics that you’d like to read about from the categories.

For speaking, consulting, or getting in touch, you can contact me here. is a notebook of topics that I’m learning about and that I’m interested in. Some materials can be rather advanced. Accordingly, I try to distill them into digestible articles which are often a condensed version of textbook contents. I use code to handle the computational parts. From time to time, I like to create tools that make some aspects of my life simpler. You may find them under the products page.

Textbook Materials

Technical Details

This website is built with Hugo, Rmarkdown, and Blogdown. It’s hosted on Cloudflare and deployed via Netlify. The domain is on GoDaddy. The source code is on a private GitHub repo. does not have any tracking; the only analytics I see are Cloudflare’s reports of unique visitors, requests, and bandwidth. I don’t use (nor enjoy) social media. Therefore, if you want updates about new content, you can subscribe via TinyLetter.