My name is Will. This is my site, there are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’ve tried blogging a few times throughout the years. Never really stuck to it. I realized that I prefer reading other people’s thoughts than writing my own. However, as time passed, I noticed that I kept losing track of some of my ideas and “a-ha!” moments. That’s when I decided that, maybe, using a blog as a permanent record of things that I might forget if I don’t write down is probably good. The tone of this site is very informal. I mostly write for (and to) myself—even when I use the second person I’m primarily referring to future me.

I write about things I’m mulling over. I read a bunch of stuff in my free time and don’t always have time to digest the information. This blog is where I store more or less fleshed out thoughts that I might refer to in the future. It’s better than losing a notebook in an apartment. I write mostly about technology, business, and other technical things.

Unlike most people in tech that have a blog, I don’t have a fancy degree, and I didn’t attend prestigious universities. I just like picking up subjects that interest me at work or during my spare time.

An important (to me) note is that this website has no tracking, cookies, or anything of that sort. I also don’t have any social media presence; this website and its newsletter (and GitHub) are the only ways to get a hold of me.

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