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On this site you can find articles related to programming, investing, business, analytics, and mathematics, as well as a variety of other topics that interest me.

My name is Will, and I make my living as an analyst. I use this website as a notebook of interesting (to me) subjects that I’m learning and experimenting with. The technical material on this site is sourced and adapted from academic books and online references.

A note about the writing style of this site. When I use the pronoun you in my articles, I’m oftentimes addressing myself. It’s not my intention to give advice to you (the reader); you’re free to do whatever you want. When I use the pronoun we, I do it in the mathematical sense.

Technical Details

The site is built with Hugo via Blogdown. It’s hosted on Cloudflare and deployed via Netlify. The domain is on GoDaddy (ugh), but I have plans to move it to another registrar. The source code is in a private GitHub repo.

There is no tracking on this website; the only analytics I see are Cloudflare’s reports of unique visitors, requests, and bandwidth. I don’t use (nor enjoy) social media. To get in touch, send me an email.

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